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With the growth of the Bitcoin in recent years, the rise in the exchange rate and the development of the physical infrastructure around the world, many trading sites have been established, offering the possibility of converting dollars, euros and other Fiat currencies to Bitcoin. With the development of additional cryptographic coins, the trading arena also began to trade in them.
Bitcoin brought with him something that had not been seen before in the trading world: the possibility of trading a financial asset easily, from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Bitcoin does not need permissions, signatures, credit lines and conversations with the branch manager. All you need is a bit of Bitcoin to start, an email account and an internet connection. Heaven for Merchants.
Unlike trading in regulated markets, which usually operate only during business hours, trading in Bitcoin does not stop even for a split second. Even the global forex market, which is traded around the clock, does not keep pace with the bitcoin and leaves on weekends for short breaks.
Trading in Bitcoin and other digital currencies is currently underway without regulation and will probably remain so in the near future. Which allows total freedom of action and a genuine free market on the one hand, but also provides an opening for deceit and many tricks that usually impoverish the small players on the other hand.

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